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Contact us: Email us: USE OUR CONTACT FORM if you have any questions or problems regarding ordering, availability of item, current pricing, payments or shipping/international shipping questions. You can also call us.  THANK YOU!


Product Availability Policies:

Due to the nature of internet sales, ALL PRODUCTS we sell are subject  to availability and current pricing, and availability cannot be guaranteed. We  update our products listed on this site regularly, HOWEVER since we sell on several sites and also may list item  from our partner galleries, all items and prices are subject to availability and current pricing, Please be advised! 



What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments must be provided using one of the following:

Credit cards / Debit Cards
    Bank Wires, Bank Transfers
    WISE/Transferwise: Coming Soon
    NEW!  Bitcoin, CryptoCurrencies & Altcoins,We Accepting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payments (BETA) 
    Personal US Checks (Up to $1000.00)

      Bank Wires/Bank Transfers are our preferred payment method for items over $2000.00

We reserve the  right to require Bank wires/Bank Transfers as  the payment method for USA orders over $1000.00 USD
We reserve the  right to require Bank wires/Bank Transfers as  the payment method for International orders over $1000.00 USD
Please select this option and we will forward your invoice with bank wire/transfer payment details and instructions. Thank you



For additional and maximum client safety and security, Escrow service is also available. We can also  use for your transaction. To learn more regarding escrow service payments, please visit their website at is the world’s most secure payment method from a counterparty risk perspective - safeguarding both buyer and seller, all funds transacted using escrow are kept in trust by



NEW! (BETA TESTING NOW) We are now accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments, including BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), LTC (Litecoin), and ETH (Ethereum) can be used as a method of payment. During our beta test, these 4 cryptos are acceptable  for payments up to $2500. (Some artists exemptions including Peter Max artworks, etc).We are also accepting additional ALTCOINS for orders up to $1000. Check our full list of current cyptocurrencies in our chart below. How to pay by Bitcoin and cryptocurrency: Place item/items in your cart, select the payment method: "Bitcoin (BTC) & CRYPTO CURRENCIES"






We are now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) & CRYPTO CURRENCIES.
To pay with Bitcoin & crypto currencies, place items in cart and select the payment method: Bitcoin (BTC) & CRYPTO CURRENCIES. Tell us which crypto currency you want to use  for this payment. Bitcoin & Bitcoin cash are our preferred crypto payments. (You can see our full llist of acceptable crypto currencies and Altcoins on our FAQ page. ) We will reply and confirm, if that crypto is acceptable  for this item. We will confirm if the item is available and currently in stock. Once confirmed, we will forward you the invoice and crypto wallet address to send your payment to. ALL BITCOIN AND CRYPTO CURRENCY PAYMENTS ARE FINAL SALE AND ARE NOT REVERSIBLE.













BE ADVISED: ALL CRYPTO CURRENCY PAYMENTS ARE FINAL AND ARE NOT REVERSIBLE.Check our full list of cyptocurrencies in our chart below. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.






Returns Policies: offers the following Returns Policy:
We accept returns on defective merchandise. All sales are final otherwise. Contact us: USE OUR CONTACT FORM or call  us for RETURN INFORMATION AND PROCEDURES and a return authorization RMA number.



I am interested in an artwork I see and am wondering if I can make an offer to purchase it, is this possible? Yes, this is possible in some cases. We do consider offers on some of the works. You are welcome to make us an offer price for our consideration. To make an offer you can select the make an offer button that is on the listing or you can contact us using our MAKE OFFER tab at the top of the page in the navigation bar, or use our contact us form. Include the name of the artwork, artists name and SKU number of the artwork you are inquiring on along with your offer price and we will get back to you shortly.

America Art Gallery


Shipping Policies:

Shipping and delivery times are generally listed in the item description. Most in stock prints and posters are shipped within 1-3 business days. In rare cases if the item is temporarily out of stock it may take 1 week or longer and you will be notified.  Sculptures generally have a 1-3 week delivery time, see the individual item description or contact us if you have any questions before purchase. We use USPS, UPS and FedEx.  You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart and  on the Invoice you see before confirming your order.

Are your prints lithographs?
Are they limited-edition?
Are they artist-signed?

Many of our prints are lithographs, created using the offset lithography or other lithography processes. Others are very high quality Serigraphs and Giclee. We carry an huge selection of Extraordinary Quality Fine Art Prints, Serigraphs, Lithographs, Open Edition, Signed, Limited Edition Art, Rare Posters, Modern Art, Stunning Vintage prints, Contemporary Prints, Oversize Art Works, Canvas Art, Giclee, Original Serigraphs, Original Art works, Framed and unframed Art. We carry all of the Top Artists as well as many Rare Hard to find Collectible Art Prints at very affordable prices! The signed limited editions that we do offer are clearly marked.


Are these prints framed?
We carry both framed and unframed items. Custom framing options are available in many cases for an additional charge, we have a wide selection of framing options for many of our artwork, contact us. We also offer excellent high quality gallery CANVAS VERSIONS of many of our prints. Please inquire using our contact us regarding custom canvas versions. 


Do you have a catalog?
We have a substantial inventory of products and prints and add new ones constantly. Therefore, it is impossible for us to offer a paper catalog of all our offerings.


What kind of paper are the prints on?
We buy from many artists and art publishers, and each publisher uses different paper stock for their various artists and product lines. So, there is no one answer. Most of our works are fine art prints, some are art prints or posters and the quality is generally of higher quality.

Do you sell Wholesale or offer Volume Discounts?
Generally we do not sell wholesale. We do offer volume discounts and Corporate discounts on some of our items depending on the quantity you wish to purchase.Contact us for details. Thank you.


Are you accepting any New Products, Artworks, or New Artists?
I have products/Artworks that I think would be perfect for your website. How can I get my products/Artworks reviewed or considered for inclusion on your website? Are you accepting new products or Artworks? Yes, we are open to new Art submissions for inclusion. Contact us using our Contact Us form and include your link, details & pricing info for our consideration. See out Artist Submission page for more details. DO NOT E-mail any photos!  We also accept consignment in some cases contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.


What is your privacy policy?
We absolutely, positively do not sell your name, address, phone number, or email address to anyone else. At the time your order by credit card, the basic information needed to verify your credit card is sent to the credit card processor in an encrypted form. This information is only used to process your credit card; it is not used for marketing purposes. For complete details, please see our Privacy Policy page  for more details.